I'm Miles Baker Clarke

In case you were interested

Compared to my peers, I started riding rather late. I mean, I dabbled as any child does, but I only swung my leg over a road bike in my late teens and only joined a club in my early twenties. You can make the assumption that this makes me a novice, inexperienced and with a lot to learn. But the thing is, when you throw yourself in at the deep end and embrace something, truly embrace it, you find your calling and your footing, surprisingly quickly.

Mostly, I ride for headspace. Pure, unadulterated clarity can be found on the bike. When you suffer it’s a focus when you explore its an adventure, best enjoyed with friends. But what every ride shares, is the ability to transport you away from daily life to share in the purity of the outdoors, the rhythm of your body and the strength of your mind.

This portfolio is less about vanity than it appears. Instead, it is a platform for cycling memories, experiences and lessons and I intend to one day look back on it fondly with a warming sense of nostalgia. I hope you enjoy what you read and see, but if you don’t, then I can only apologise, after all, this is my road.

What I do

And why I do it

In a nutshell, I'm a graphic designer working within the cycling industry. I don't get paid to ride, but I have had the amazing opportunity to ride my bike in some incredible parts of Europe. To work with some incredible riders, photographers, and brands and to explore my own cycling identity in front of the camera. 

Right about now, I'm a fairly experienced and versatile cycling model, having worked with numerous big brands over the last 4 years. If you've got a project you would like to work on together, get in touch.


Royal Tunbridge Wells, Tunbridge Wells, UK

+44 7939156357

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